About Me

The Vegetarian Mommy: About Me -- Joy and Alastair in Yosemite
My name is Joy, and I’m The Vegetarian Mommy. My son Alastair was born at 2:47 PM on June 10, 2014. That moment, my life changed forever. Mommyhood is absolutely wonderful. Alastair means the world to me. He makes me smile and laugh every day. The past year and a half has flown by, and I can’t believe how fast Alastair grew from being a newborn baby to a toddler.

I keep busy playing with Alastair, working, exploring San Diego as a family, cooking, and baking. I work part-time as a nanny. Nannying is great because Alastair comes to work with me and I care for him and his “birthdate twin” — a boy who shares the same birthdate as Alastair. The boys have grown up as best friends since they were three months old. I’m also a real clown! I entertain at kids’ birthday parties with face painting, games, magic, puppets, and balloon animals. It’s lots of fun.

On the weekends when I’m not clowning around, I love exploring all that San Diego has to offer with Alastair and my husband, Justin. We enjoy going to the beach, the zoo, museums, and local parks. We also love having friends and family over for meals or just for dessert. I’ve been cooking and baking since I was a kid, but expanded my culinary skills once I got married right out of college. I really enjoy making delicious meals for my family or sweet treats to share with friends.

I became a vegetarian when I was eleven years old. I was young, but I knew what I believed — I loved animals and didn’t want to eat them. However, I didn’t know how to tell my parents that I was now a vegetarian. That first night, my mom made potatoes, veggies, and pork chops. I hid the pork chop under my seat cushion when my parents weren’t looking. Later that night, I gave our cat that pork chop. I continued hiding my meat for a few days until my mom noticed the missing meat. She asked what I was doing, and I told her I wanted to be a vegetarian. She said that was okay, that she just wouldn’t serve me meat anymore. That was easy!

I’ve learned a lot about vegetarianism since then. For example, even though Fruit Loops are vegetarian, they are far from healthy. I hate processed foods and analyze the ingredients on any package of food. I make almost all of our meals, snacks, and desserts from scratch. Although I like eating healthy and using real foods, I enjoy sweets a little too much…especially chocolate! I’m excited to share my recipes and stories of mommyhood with you!